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6 Jun 2009

Dreaming of a weekend off....

Signed in and up the boys for Project BB last night, contracts, inventory, bills (utility companies, the bane of my life). They were delighted to find out that the gas meter does not turn, and therefore their bill will be ridiculously low. I have given NPower this information on a number of occasions, but they seem unwilling, unable, incapable of understanding me. To the point where an engineer came out, looked at the meter, and told me it was fine. Ok, fine it is. it does register usage, but if that means it's fine, so be it. Idiots.

Need to get an extra set of keys, the builder's gone off to Spain for a week with the third set, the swine. This week has also been filled with bed escapades. One of the new tenants at BB has his own bed. As had one of the previous tenants who moved out and took her bed with her, and this would have been ok had the new tenant mentioned that he also had a bed, but of course he didn't. So this week M brought a dismantled metal frame bed from the cellar at another building, searched an hour for the right alan key, built it all up, and got a mattress. And now the tenant wants it all dismantling again and moving out.  
This is on top of another tenant moving out last weekend from Project Copper and deciding the oversized Ikea oak framed bed he had bought and installed didn't fit where he was going so he left it. But he had built it so ineptly that M (without telling me) rebuilt it and glued it, and bracketed it. Before I told him I didn't really want it in there, and the new tenant wanted a normal sized bed. So he had to dismantle it all again, take it back to the cellar at another building and move a normal 4'6" bed in. 

Moral of tale, never let tenants move furniture around and buy new stuff which doesn't fit!

And always keep beer in fridge to keep bed-building-man unhappy with bed traumas happy.

No boys this week due to work ( a very rare occurence) and it's been weird, always miss them when they don't visit for whatever reason. 
But have got a huge amount done. How do people cope/work full time when they have children there 24/7? I'm not surprised women are at least realising it's bleedin impossible to have it all and still remain sane. I have 4 different careers, have a relationship to work at, am only a weekly step mum, and try and have a life too, and I am frazzled!

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