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7 Jun 2009

Sunday working - shouldn't be allowed!

Lots to do today - a mountain of paperwork with so many new tenancies, and the govt doesn't help piling on the bureaucracy with deposit protection etc, as if there isn't enough to do. And I'll head over to Project Deano to make a list for the builders to get on with, all the rip out is done, and work has commenced proper now. Plus meeting a friend to help her pick a bathroom for her little Project Shabby-Chic!
Unusually for early on a Sunday, all bright and breezy, no alcohol consumed last night, a) due to the new regime of credit crunch induced household budgeting boo hiss and b) it was Charlie's football presentation last night - his team were Under 10's league champions, cup champions, team of the year, and with 35 goals since christmas he was manager's player of the year and player's player of the year. Blimey! What a star, he was totally on a high, quite possibly due to all the e-numbers and rola cola consumed :-) A great night for Urmston Town. They've worked so hard, and improved so much this year, and won their very own Double! 
All the player's mums n dads were there, so a shame that such an amazing night for him was missed by his mother. She hates his dad and I so much that she refuses to have anything to do with his football, as his dad organises it, so he missed out on having her there on his big night. So different to Alex's footy, where we all go together with Al's mum, and we all get on famously. Kids benefit so much when their divorced parents aren't still feuding and fighting and hating. I had all that negative crap from mine, and it sucks. When will adults learn, eh?! Never! 
I read Katie Price's comments about getting a new male role model for her son Harvey now PA won't be around so much. So despite him being such a great step father to Harvey, she's going to airbrush him out of their lives and use contact as an emotional weapon. How utterly bizarre. Why do some women think this, think that their kids don't need the man who was in their lives, just cause the women don't anymore? Anger? Bitterness? One-up-manship? Baffles me.

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