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2 Jun 2009

Chandelier a go go

The hairy lair is now spotless, repainted, and ready to let again, though I've had to reduce the rent. It's so competitive, rents are definitely heading south. I was chatting with Rich, a friend who runs, an online estate and lettings agency:
His experience is much the same, though his view was that if landlords hold firm, and don't all rush to drop rents, they will maintain value. True, but only if there is some element of co-operation, and landlords aren't desperate for rents, as many are at the moment. This flat is tiny with a capital T so a slight drop in rent will shift it. She said confidently.
Project Cathedral's chandelier has eventually come into stock and was fitted today. Lush lush lush. And about ten times nicer than the lights in my own house. Hmmm, there is something going wrong around here....

And if that lot wasn't enough for one day, the lads moved out of one of the two beds. Bless them, they had left it in a lovely state, roping in mum to help, apparently. So on the hottest day of the year so far, a full day of shifting, clearing, touching up of paint, and snagging ready for the girls downstairs to move upstairs. Well, they'd taken one look at the gorgeous south facing terrace and took first dibs on it when the lads moved out. 
Karchering the Lime tree sap off the slate tiles was a bit of a chore, especially as it has become increasingly obvious that there is zero slope on it for water to run away. Time to get the builders back. Karchering is one of my most favourite things, high water pressure jetting in the sunshine is a great stress reliever. 

Red Magazine has been on, I did an interview with them last year for a property article, and they are doing a follow up. Great magazine, great pr opportunity, very sweet of Stephanie the journalist to get back in touch.

And Property Ladder called the other day, maybe interested in doing a Revisit again. Like the don't show the old one on E4 enough??!!

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