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26 Mar 2009

Quite possibly the most depressing but funniest email I will receive this year - Secret Millionaire

Anyone, anyone, anyone who is involved with property in any way shape or form is suffering at the moment, unless they are one of the incredibly rare people with cash in their pocket, maybe they sold a portfolio just before the markets seized up, or have owned property for years and years and have a very low LTV. The vast majority of people and companies I know - ranging from small developers / landlords fighting to keep profitable and finish off stuff they have started now finance has dried up and the rental market is up and down like a tarts knickers; to large companies whose chairmen once spent thousands on interior design and now send Mrs Chairman down to M&S with a strict budget - are not just tightening their belts, they are putting extra holes in with desktop hole punches.
Me included.
So I was tickled, amused and, in equal measures, depressed when this dropped into my in box today. Its past 10pm, and I am beavering away in the attic on paperwork, worrying about every penny........ and the, I am sure, lovely Anna Brent from RDF Media has the perfect opportunity for me. Hang on Anna, I'll just give the IBS a call and ask for  a couple hundred thousand to give away, I fancy having a go at being a philanthropist. Or maybe after reading this invitation, which is so far from being possible right now, I fancy just being 'pist..............

Dear Sian

I hope you are well.

I am writing to you on behalf of RDF Television from the award-winning and critically acclaimed documentary series about philanthropy that we produce for Channel 4. After three hugely successful series, we are now looking for people with the means to take part in the next hit series which will transmit next year.

We are currently contacting successful people from a variety of sectors including business owners, entrepreneurs and senior management. Having read about your success and seen the article in the Didsbury Magazine, I thought I would get in touch to see if you may like to consider being a potential benefactor as we are particularly keen to speak to women.

To give you some more information about the series, in each episode a different benefactor is given the opportunity to live ‘undercover’ in some of the UK’s most deprived areas. They do not reveal their full identity, and immerse themselves in the community for ten days; meeting the local residents, making new friends, taking on jobs or doing voluntary work - all with a view to deciding who they believe is most in need of their support. At the end of their visit, these modern day philanthropists reveal their true identities to those they’d like to help and offer their time, their skills and their financial assistance to help make a positive change to people’s circumstances.

This programme offers philanthropists a rare opportunity to actually meet the people that directly benefit from their assistance. It also allows our benefactors to highlight and explore specific social issues that may be close to their heart.

This project would require 10 consecutive days out of your schedule between now and the end of August.

Should you have any questions please do contact me on 0207 013 4395 or by e-mail of course. If you aren’t familiar with the series, I’d be more than happy to send you some previous episodes to watch.

I have attached an information sheet about the programme, some press quotes and testimonials from benefactors who have previously taken part. You can also watch clips of the previous series on the Channel 4 website - and the latest series is broadcasting now on Sunday evenings at 9pm.

I very much hope that you will be excited by the possibilities this programme offers.

Kind regards

Anna Brent


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